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“At the very core of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a desire to inform and educate every visitor that crosses the museum’s threshold, not only about the heritage of this great port city but the technology, logistics and vast oceans that link it with the rest of the world.”



Richard Wesley   韋持力

Museum Director  博物館總監

Hong Kong Maritime Museum  香港海事博物館


2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Over the course of nine months and at the directive of the Museum's directors and trustees, HKMM management and staff have worked to create a comprehensive strategic plan that sets forth a five-year vision for our future. Based on rigorous  analysis of operating from a significantly expanded platform at Pier 8, this collaborative exercise outlines how we will anticipate and meet challenges ahead.

Today, our in-house functional operations are increasingly more sophisticated which support:

  • Visitation that has doubled;

  • Community programming that seeks to engage new audiences with new experiences;

  • School visits have grown dramatically; and

  • Our international reputation amongst peer cultural organisations is growing.  


Simply put: to do more, a well-developed plan is required, tactics to support the implementation of the plan must be created, and metrics must be defined so that we can measure and report to all stakeholders our success along the way.

In November 2015 the Hong Kong Maritime Museum published a 2015-2020 Strategic Plan with five areas of foci: strengthen the visitor experience; activate the collection; deepen engagement of our constituents; build our human capital and a culture of continual improvement; and develop a long-term financially sustainable model.

We are extraordinarily optimistic about our ability to both seize and create opportunities and invite you to read the plan to gain a better understanding of the future of HKMM. 




  • 參觀人次增加了兩倍;

  • 公眾項目吸引新的觀眾群,創造全新體驗;

  • 學校參觀數目明顯上升;及

  • 在文化機構中的國際知名度與日俱增。



我們有信心能創造及把握每個發展機會,現誠邀 閣下參閱我們的發展計劃,以對本館有更多了解,並給予我們寶貴意見。

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